Thursday, December 18, 2008

Excitement all around

This was pretty exciting week in the blogosphere. So many people got admit notice from their choice schools. Many Duke, Tuck, Wharton, Kellogg, Chicago admit floating around. Congratulations to all of them. And I really feel for sufferers of Kellogg mishap. It was really unfortunate. I keep checking Clear Admit blog and so often get to read about exciting news from someone.

I wish I could be part of this excitement. But my first choice schools are not going to come up with their result until January. So wait continues for me. On the hindsight, I should have applied to some of these schools which declare results earlier and faster. Much of the burden is taken off your shoulder. Anyways, I hope my app journey finishes soon and I do not have to go through this again. I really do not have any stamina to redo this next year. In fact, I am having hard time even starting my R2 apps. Wharton is not far away and I have not even started. McCombs is also going slow, but at least I have started.

Anyways, congrats again to all who got-in and good luck for future.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rate my life

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Friday, December 12, 2008

Anderson Visit and Interview Experience

I visited campus on 11/24. Drove from bay area on 11/23.
I met with few current students at 11, met with Price Center staff. This was amazing. She gave me a great insights on entrepreneurship at Anderson, what they do, how to go about doing things.
Then at 1pm I did my class visit. It was not very interesting class, but professor was good. I do not mind getting taught by him. The class got over at 2:30pm and again I met with another student. Learned few more things. By this time my nerves were settled and I had a feeling that I belong there.
Interview started at 3:30pm and it was with Second year student. She was really friendly and we spoke for a while before we entered the interview room. The interview went really well. No tough question, no curve balls. Few questions:
1. Walk me through your resume
2. What were the challenges in Company X
3. Challenges in company Y.
4. How were the responsibilities in X and Y different
5. Why MBA, short term, long term goals
6. Why Anderson
7. What company after Graduation
8. Tell me about leadership role
9. Tell me how you work as team
10. Your strengths and weakness
11. Any question for me - asked couple of questions

Sorry, running out of time, so will have to stop here. It was nice talking to you. Then walked out of the room with her. And thats it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Texas MBA

I have been doing lot of research on Texas MBA, spoke to quite a few current students, met few alumni and attended one information session and I am really impressed with the program. Lot of great opportunities and the associate dean is pretty cool and seems like a great leader. He is pretty innovative and has introduced a new curriculum. I quite liked his ideas and he was very articulate in presenting his ideas.

So, while I wait for other calls, I am definitely applying to UT-Austin, McCombs School. I have been to Austin before and I loved that place. And all the alums, students rave about it as well. Moreover it's one of the few growing cities and one of the top entrepreneurial hub.
The faculty though did not get a good rating in Business Week, looks awesome. Lot of activities, extra-curricular and development opportunities. Students are very friendly and helpful.
Looks like my why McCombs essay is ready :)

Meanwhile, Haas and Stanford have not reciprocated my love yet. C'mon now, its high time. Show me you care! Let me change the world. I promise, I will not let you down and will definitely enrich the community.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Haas is going to send interview invites starting today!
Finger crossed!!! Now the real wait begin.

Still no invite from Stanford.. huuh!!

All the best to fellow applicants

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terror Attacks in Mumbai

This was one of the most ridiculous attacks that happened in India. There have been so many attacks before but this was outrageous. It was such a heinous act, cold blooded shoot out, killing hundred people, injuring a thousand and terrorizing a billion.
What is going on? Terror everywhere, economy doomed, no trust, no faith among people. Where is this world going?
Why is our country not able to handle these people? How can these terrorist just go about doing things as they want? Doing bomb blast as if lighting fire crackers. Going anywhere and open fire, putting hand grenade, taking hostages. What has happened to security, what is our government doing?

I am deeply hurt. I am utterly shocked. I am feeling so helpless. I really feel for people who suffered.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ding from ISB

Looks like my dream of returning to India is not going to happen soon. ISB declared its R1 result today and I am NOT in!!!!
I do not know what else I can do. My interview went well, except one estimate question. I am really really sad today. I think I should change my blog url from happylibran to sadlibran.

This has created a doubt in my capabilities and do not know whether I have it in me to do an MBA.
I do not know what is missing. Whoever looked at my essays and profile, gave me thumbs up. I even spoke to few current students and alums and they were pretty happy with my application. Only ad com does not seem to like me. First IIMA and now ISB.
I used to be a good interviewee. I have cleared all except one(that too missed at the last stage) of my job interviews so far. But this application season, I failed 100%.

I know its not the end of the world, but I really feel sad and am cursing my luck. Another gloomy day.

I seriously need to look for R2 application which I thought I will skip if I get into ISB. Now even ISB did not admit me, donno what will happen to US schools.

When will my day come? God, are you listening!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

UCLA Anderson interview invite

First good news on my US school apps!
Anderson has invited me for interview!!!!!

I am going to choose on-campus interview. Still deciding whether to fly or drive.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Haas Submitted

Continuing with my trend of submitting application on the deadline day, I submitted Haas on Nov 4th. I am happy with my application overall, except the first question - what would I change. I think it is little weak as my other reviewers also pointed out. But my other essays are very strong, so I hope it will compensate.

I think this is the most essays I have written for one application. 4 short questions, 2 long, 2 optional. Phew - 8 essays! Haas really want you to work hard on the application to show your interest. Anyways, I am glad I am done and able to pull off both Stanford and Haas.

What next !!!

I am thinking of looking at UT-Austin and ASU -- hmm why suddenly ASU - well, I want to have some safe schools in my list, and they are offering me quick turn around, app fee waiver, I liked ASU (I went there for my grad school) and it is still in top 25 schools.

I am thinking of taking off USC from my list - they are really insistent on TOEFL. No other school wants me to take TOEFL, if I have Graduate degree from US. I do not understand their policy. And I am in no mood to take another exam at this point of time!

Monday, November 3, 2008

IIMA ding

IIMA pgpx dinged me! I am very sad!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ISB wants to talk to me

Finally, after a long wait, got an email from ISB and they want to interview me :)
However, unlike others, they gave me a very very short notice of 3 days.
Aah, another mini battle within this MBA battle. I wish it was after 4th nov. But anyways, I have to live with it.
Some will say, what will you have to prepare for ISB. Well, I think it's just the mind-set. Writing Haas essay, I am totally in Haas mode, but if I need to take ISB interview, I should show my passion for ISB as well :)

My Haas essays are coming along well. I am fine with the content of all my essays and they are not in bad state anymore. All are around 80-90% complete. Need to polish them to make it 100%. I finished writing about my supplemental questions as well. I think I will complete the online application today. I missed out on one critical and dear to heart community service stuff. Did not find appropriate space. I am right now in dilemma about using optional essay. I love UCLA and Stanford essays. They gave me lot of space to write about my passions, and my community service (my strength). Did not get that opportunity to discuss in Haas essays.

Anyways, all I have to do for next three days will be to polish the essay and prepare for ISB interview.

I think I am learning much needed time-management skills even before going to B-School.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stanford Submitted

Continuing my trend to work till last day and almost last moment, I finally submitted my Stanford application at 3:30pm (hour and half before the deadline). What a roller coaster ride it was. I remember a month back I took it off my list and here I am smiling after submitting my second app.
In the end, I am pretty happy with my essays and was able to make it exactly 1800 words.

Now, I have uphill task of finishing Haas app in next 5 days. It's not going to be easy, given that I still have no clue for the first short question - What will I do something differently.
Not sure what to write. I think I have content for other 5 essays.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Aah!!! I have my first 3 essay ready little over word limit. 1st has turned out really well - over limit by 15 words
2nd one is not too bad- very specific goals, and how stanford will help - over limit by 15-20 words.
3rd one is effective leader essay and looks really good - but overlimit by 40 words
4th one the challenge faced, and I am writing about challenge in job. Like my job, this essay sucks currently.. after tremendous effort, I could develop a structure. Now need to polish the content - currently 80 words over limit.
Not yet finished online app. Will work on it now!! Hmm.. 2 days to go. Good thing, two of my recommendations are in. The third will submit soon.

Haas essays have suffered because of that. I hope I make it first round deadline.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Need a break!!!

Aah. I worked very hard this week. I finished Stanford first draft - Almost finalized on my leadership essay. Still need to work a lot on challenges essay, career essay. What matter most seem like never ending one.

Meanwhile, I created first draft for Haas long career essay. Other leadership essay is pretty much ready from UCLA one, and I need to tailor it a little bit.

Short question - Put together one draft for how I learned about haas, have some ideas about achievement and innovation essays. I am still not able to come up with anything for what I would do differently. Any ideas?

But really getting exhausted with this process. I really need a break. My body, mind, heart are all crying for the break, but irony is I really cannot take it. Waiting for Nov 4th. I am definitely going to take a week long break. Or may be not - I might have ISB interview lined up soon. I haven't got a call yet, but I am hoping to get it soon. And probably, UCLA interview invite will start going out as well.

Still looks like no end in sight and a long way to go. How good the state of people will be who already have admit from the school of their choice. Ahh.. Fortunate ones!

My day will come!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stanford back in R1 and Haas essays

I love Stanford too much to leave out for Round 2. After taking a break for a day on monday, I gave a closer look at Haas essays yesterday and Stanford essays today. I have been thinking about first essay for a while and when I looked at other essays, I realized I can use most of the content of UCLA and IIMA essays. That is thrilling to know. I will have to tailor to the Stanford questions, and have to cut down lot of things to adhere to strict word limit, but looks like it is doable.
The challenge will be to cut down the content, since I think, my UCLA essays were pretty concise and crisp and really do not know what can I cut down.
I got so excited, that I have my first draft of Stanford essays ready. :) Should I take some consultants help to expedite my editing and polishing? Not sure, whether they give a quick turnaround time.

Also, Haas essays - some can be reused, but it will be much more challenging. I have leadership essay ready, career goal essay almost ready, with haas specific info to be fit in.
The short questions are much more challenging - I do not know what I would like to change that I have done and would do it differently.
Innovation essay - have some idea, but not sure how it will develop
Achievement essay - can use IIMA one - though need to cut down to 250 words
Haas research essay - done quite a bit research, visited campus, attended class, spoke to current students, alumni's, read blogs. But have to put together my learning and insights from them. Which is difficult, since most of the students and alumni pretty much say the same thing. And I am little less articulate in defining culture of a school. Most of the places I am applying satisfies my criteria of great education, entrepreneurial support, brand name, network, small class size and california location, silicon valley connections. Now what to say in that essay.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Some more IIMA PGPX experience

I attended the high tea interaction later in the evening yesterday. It was a good discussion. Came to know a lot about PGPX. For some reason, all of the Professors were trashing PGP and its student, calling them immature and grade fanatics. One of the professor even went on to say that he did not teach PGP class for last 2 yrs and he is very happy about it and he called it a waste of time. The students waste his time to get one point increment which will not make any difference to grade.

PGPX students are matured and kind of know what they want and do not go crazy over grades (Well, what do you think - after 10 yrs in industry- who cares about grades). They have little ambigous grades non-disclosure policy. The adminstration does not reveal grades to recruiters but a student can volunteerily disclose the grade. Funny, doesn't it mean that high grade pointers will flaunt their grades whereas low grade pointers will not disclose. It might create an awkward situation.

The professors were very knowledgeable and down to earth. Amazing simplicity. This will be a key decision making point for me, if I get in, that is.

One thing though, the interviews were pretty ambiguous. I spoke to many people after interview and after the high-tea. No one had clue and it looked like these profs had not even completely read the application/essays. And it did not look like they are going to read. Not sure what will be their selection criteria finally. I hope they have some logic.

Still no news from ISB. They keep changing the date for announcing the shortlist for various places. They have their own weird reasons of releasing the shortlist based on interview location. Sound very funny, but anyway, thats Indian school. Sometimes they do things in certain way and you have to just go with it.

I am thinking of taking a break today and will start my haas app from tommorrow. I hope I will finish it by first round deadline.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

IIMA PGPX interview done!

I had my interview today. Overall, I will say, it went ok. I will not say it went great, since I did not start off well.
They did not ask me to present, but gave me a case - some retail guy did not do well in the clothing and now is blamed for things. what will he do.
After that they spoke about my extra curricular, my job, my industry, my goal, indian economy.
Other than the initial case question - which I did not do great, and got stuck with one of the extra-curricular question, I did ok. But not sure, how they have perceived it. I will know it by Oct 31st.

The interview committee was very friendly looking, no stress interview or trying to stress me out. I smiled a lot and laughed at certain places as well.

I just came back to my hotel room to relax, but will go back there for evening high tea. On second thoughts, I am thinking I should have left tonight itself, as not many people are staying back for tea. I would have got some rest and start working on other apps. Will take a break on Monday and start from Tuesday.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

UCLA Submitted

Wheew!! what a relief. Finally, I submitted my ucla application today. My first US school application. Finally, I am happy with my essay, showed them to a current student and an alum, and both appreciated them. I am quite confident of an interview call (80%) chance.
I think as told by both my reviewer and my own belief, my first essay turned out to be stellar. The audio part looked more conceptual, but I do not know whether anyone was able to put in example in 1 min audio. I am quite happy with the quality. Hope ad com likes it too :)

Among all this chaos, one place where I am struggling is IIMA interview preparation. I have it this weekend and I am not fully prepared yet. Too many things to know in current affair and I have yet not prepared my answers to regular question and not yet finalized my presentation. There will be few more long days/nights for me.

I am still debating on R1 application on stanford and haas. My heart still want to write Stanford essay, but my head is logically saying that I should only focus on one and I think one where I have good chances will be Haas. Anyway, cannot start any of them before Oct 13th, so have to wait.

Meanwhile, fellow applicants have started getting admits from Columbia - congrats to all of them. It really need that kind of drive to get an admit so early in the season. I really need to get some inspiration from them. I still have long way to go, as it always happens with me :) So far, submitted 3 apps, all on the last day of submission :) But kind of perfectionist I am, I think this trend will continue.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bail out rejected

Dow tanked more than 777 points. My portfolio is down by 40%. Is the recession official now? The prediction for dow is that it will hit 8400. Not sure what I should do. Should I take the losses now and wait for it to plunge further to do my buy back?

I wonder how the jobs at the BSchools are going to be affected with this crisis. Banks all over the world are failing. Future is looking gloomy.

Anyways, lets see what future holds for us

top mba tour

I visited QS MBA tour last saturday. A much shorter event than the MBA tour I attended couple of weeks back. The event started with long queue for registration, even when I had pre-registered. There was a session from 2-3pm with panel of ad com members for georgetown, cornell, babson, and unnamed school. They gave usual jibe on application process, recommendations, essays etc. The room was pretty small and half of the audience had to stand.
The fair started at 3pm and I visited quite a few schools. Most of them were friendly and good to talk to. I spoke at length with UCLA ad com member and an alumni.
USC ad com was little on rude side. Somehow, did not like their attitude. And they are hell bent on TOEFL score.
Also spoke to ISB ad com member - found her quite unprofessional. But again, this my perception. She usually avoided tough questions and was busy selling numbers - heard her say umpteenth time that 230 recruiters visit the campus and all fight for the day zero spot :) Many of her answers were inconsistent with what other member on pagal guy forum is saying.
Another alum who worked in TCS before and again joined TCS after ISB spoke positively and was very polite and authentic in his replies.

On application front: I am still not going anywhere. To make the matter worse, I am quite sick and suffering from severe cold and headache. Looks like I will have to drop Stanford from my R1 list and keep Haas. I am not sure I can do both. Some people will question my logic of postponing Stanford to R2 as people target top-tier and first preference school in the first round.
I have my own reason - Stanford is highly comptetive in any round, and I feel I have better chance in Haas than Stanford. So I prefer to try for the school where I have better chance in getting admit in round 1, instead of waiting till round 2- when it will get much more competitive.

Still not happy with UCLA essay- Showed my first draft to a friend and he trashed it. The second revision of 2nd and 3rd essays are looking better. Lot of work needs to be done on 1st one. Haven't even started the 4th one. With deadline only 10 days away - I have uphill task at my hand. Wish me luck

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shayri time

Muskaan tere hothon se kahin jaye na,
Aansu teri palkon pe kabhi aaye na,
Poora ho tera har khwab aur jo poora na ho
Woh khawab kabhi aaye na

UCLA Essays

Today I completed draft of 3 essays. Still do not know which one of the 4th essay choice I want to speak on. I am leaning towards either a, but b is equally tempting, but I think I have addressed b in my other essays.
Now I need to gather my thoughts on entrepreneurship. And find out a way to do a audio recording. Any ideas for efficient and productive way to do the recording and create wav file?

Still haven't started preparing for IIMA interview. The world is getting crazier. My 2nd recommendor is very busy and wants me to create outline for the reco. This sucks! Already have so much work and I am playing a catching up game and here is another task :)

I sometimes wonder, I should use some essay writer! (anyone listening?) I will provide the content and they write it and polish it for me :) After all, this is another managerial skill to get the work done. Anyway, before anyone start bashing me up and call it unethical, I was trying to lighten the atmosphere and playing it silly to de-stress from the burden of doing so many things.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Haas Class Visit

I visited Econ class today. It was amazing. The professor was amazing and he explained about pricing strategy and how the demand-supply curve looks like.

The students were pleasant, however, looked little stress due to mid-term exam in the evening. There was not too much class participation. Perhaps, I should attend some case-based class to get a hang of how students interact in the class.

But overall, after attending the class, my desire for an MBA has increased. I have so much to learn.

I read an excellent blog by optimistic. Although he just has 5 entries, but they are very inspiring. I really feel the same what he has gone through: Career getting pigeon-holed and hunger to study and expand the skill set.

On my other apps, created draft for first 2 essays of UCLA. Really need to ramp-up my app process.

Haven't started preparing for IIMA interview. Heard from couple of interview experiences in Ahmedabad that ad-com are not asking to present. I wish, I also get that option :)

I have heard people started getting interview invites from columbia. Good luck folks.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visited Haas

I visited haas on friday. Had a wonderful time. I had lunch with students and attended an information session. Everything was organized by student ambassadors and even information session was given by student ambassador with ad com member dropping by in last 10 min.

Overall, no special information, just the usual stuff about their culture and curriculum.

I am going to visit again on monday and attending one class. Will write more about it after I attend.

In the meantime, I tried to look for schedule of Stanford class visit and to my dismay, they are all full till the first round deadline. This is totally ridiculous. How can the class visit be so full even before it actually started. I got to register for monday's class in Haas on thursday. And here in Stanford, the first available class is Nov 6th or may be later. Why such demand? or do they just have very few spots open? Even lunch with current student is full. Whats up with people. I am not sure what is behind it, but looks like I might not be able to attend class inspite of being local before submitting my application in first round.

Meanwhile, got another setback and talked with few people and they questioned by long term goals and classified my short-term goals of being a product manager as too easy, and said I do not need an MBA to become a product manager. However, I have so many friends who became product manager after MBA and find it logical choice to a path to start a company.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time running away?

I think I have spent too much time writing ISB and IIMA essays that I am not able to start my other applications.
With time running so fast, I better get started. I pledge to start my UCLA app today.

I have written few points on UCLA first essay few days back, but not sure how much should I add and what should I cover in this.

In the meantime, met one UCLA student in bay area. A very nice person to talk to. An entrepreneur before joining Anderson, now wants to take it easy and do product management in big corporation with slow life. As per him, advantage is - the big corporations move so slowly that if you are even a tad fast, you are appreciated and since he has seen it all being in fast paced entrepreneurial environment, he is enjoying the accolades by working 70% his capacity.

Regarding MBA tour - I attended 7 schools presentation and though I like the first schools presentation, eventually I realized they talk same things. Marshall, Texas, Haas, Yale SOM, all talk about how collaborative culture they have due to small class size, accessible faculty and staff and the usual support for different kind of centers and clubs.
Interesting, Wharton also talk about same things and said, even though their class size is big - they are very collaborative contrary to popular belief that they have cut-throat culture.

I wonder,why school asks everyone to stand out, when they cannot stand out themselves. Every one had same pitch, same suggestions, same selling point. What is the unique selling point? Anyone?

I met Thunderbird school representative in MBA fair, and learned a interesting thing- they have a hospitality weekend on Nov 7th and all you have to do is show up, they take care of your lodging and food. I was quite amused and do not know any other school doing that. So if anyone interested in Thunderbird, go for it. It is number one in International Business and located in warm Arizona. I love Arizona :)

Anyway, have to get back to the apps - I plan to put together outlines for all the schools I am planning to apply in first round by this weekend - ucla, haas, stanford. Aaah.. what matters to me most and why!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

ISB / IIMA submitted

Disappeared for long time. I was too busy working on the essays for these two schools, deadline fell on the same day. Barely submitted on time.

I wonder how so many people are managing their app process so well that they are submitted well ahead of time. But O'well, I am trying my best.

I showed my essays to current student in IIMA. He suggested some changes, but was very happy with the essays. In the end, ISB essays turned out well too. I do not think I could have done any better than that.

Writing for them turned out be pretty exhaustive. I have to start working on my US schools essays now.

Another thing I wanted to touch upon, Wharton was never on my list but somehow I am thinking hard on it. I am sure I cannot do its app by first round deadline, but probably will try 2nd round.

In the meantime, I attended mba tour in San Francisco and attended top5 info session as well. Good experience. Will write about them in some other post. Also, had chance to visit UCLA, although no class was in session and they do not plan to have anything before 1st round deadline, which seems to be crazy. Probably would submit my app without class visit. But the campus visit was very informative. Got some juice for my apps.

Now I am in look out for current and former students of various schools.

Let me know if you know anyone in haas, stanford or ucla.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

IIMA application submitted

I submitted my first application of this application season. The application interface is pretty bad and I wonder if this the best IIM A can do. Why don't they outsource is to some other agency such as Apply yourself.
Another thing I did not like was it only works on IE. grrrhh.. I am a big fan of firefox and with firefox 3.0, I do not even want to look at IE. But they left me no choice! So much to sacrifice for this application season. :)

Also, there were few confusing things and no proper instructions. What do we fill in asset under management or annual turnover. Well I had difficulty in identifying the turn over since my company was never publicly listed and later it was acquired by another company. Though our HR is from bigger company, our payroll still runs with the smaller company. Anyway, just put the estimated amount.

With one thing off my head, and this helped me creating my one page resume as well. So worth the effort. Now I am going to start working on the essays (yeah, I am optimistic for getting shortlisted). Also need to start working on ISB essays. I am not getting thoughts for the case essays. Any ideas?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

career goal template

Found a great blog for template to write the career goal
check this

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Accomplishments and Goals

I spent this whole weekend contemplating and sitting in front of my laptop. Today, I prepared my first draft of my accomplishments and goal and why I need an MBA. And boy! It feels good. I was struggling with this for last couple of weeks. Though the draft is not a perfect version, I feel I put enough information to get me started and handle essays with specific questions.

Over the last week, I was reading a book by Swami Vivekananda on karma yoga. It really rejuvenated me. Inspite of regular practice of meditation, I was getting pretty tensed up with the app process, evaluating my chance at each and every moment. In this book, SV talks about the importance of doing work 100% and with sincerity without getting attached to the result. And how true is it, the moment I thought about it, all my tension and stress vanished. He was not saying anything new, but what a difference it makes by re-emphasizing and re-iterating the truth.

Anyway, coming back to my mba specific journey, the next target is to work on IIM-A essay. The essays are very generic and I hoping I can reuse quite a few material in my other essays. I have to start working on IIMA application and also on creating a one page resume. Oh boy! lot of work. I got my hands full for next week :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am getting tensed

Most of my target schools have announced the application deadlines and released application essays. I have yet not started thinking about essays. Still trying to refine my goals and appropriate career path. Oh God! Give me some clarity :P

I am reading a lot of blogs of fellow mba applicants and other MBA students who are already in. Looks like everyone has done lot homework already, many of them have visited schools, spoke to current students, alumni, faculty and ad com member. And here I am, running late as usual.

Ideally, I should have got a good head start as I took GMAT last year in November, but with my procrastination here I am catching up with this MBA Game.
God give me strength to sail through this tiring and exhaustive process. So far I have done random searches, visited my target schools website. I am pretty happy with all my chosen schools by looking at their website and reading some of their students blogs. But yeah, still have to go through a major milestone of visiting schools and talking to students to really identify whether I fit and get some juice for my essays.

Another dilemma I find myself in is whether to hire a consultant or not. Ad com from various people say that they can identify the professional touch on the application and it is a clear put off for them. But looking at the amount of work needed and competition pool I am in (yeah!! I am MIT - Male Indian Techie), I am trying to find someone who can really help me sail through.

Will keep posted ( ha ha.. as if anyone is reading it)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mba dreams

I have been thinking about doing MBA since the time I was in my undergrad college. But looks like my dreams are going to be materialized this year.
Finally, this fall I am going to apply for the BSchools and as you guessed it, the dreaded applications are already giving me nightmares.

I am doing lot of introspection and trying to collect my thoughts to finalize my goal essay. I know I want to start up a company, but still struggling to clearly define my goals. The hows, whys, details, short term, mid term goals are creating all sort of problems.

But in a way, I am enjoying it as well. I never really sat down and thought so much about myself, my career. So at least after the whole process, I would definitely have more clearer goal for myself, might be much more well-read and self aware.

I am hoping to continue this blog and update it regularly. We shall see whether it will work