Tuesday, September 22, 2009

50% done but still alive

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything. As you can guess, I was busy like hell slogging, partying and enjoying life :)
To give the update, I am done 50% of my MBA. I have finished 4 out of 8 terms here in IIM Bangalore. Finished my core courses and o boy, what a learning experience it was!

Now I am well averse with jargons like stagflation, GDP growth to cost of capital, opportunity cost, to customer delight and value proposition :) I can make sense of reading business news paper and get a hang about pricing strategy adopted by a company. I am more and more appreciating the advertisements in the television and tend to watch more of advertisement than the actual program!

What a change this last 5-6 months have done. Talk about MBA experience!!!!

Meanwhile, we also went to China for International Study tour. We went to Tsinghua University in Beijing, the topmost university of China. Practically every big shot in China has gone to this school. Beijing was an amazing experience and I would write a separate post on my china adventure.

Now, we have started taking electives and I have taken a well mix of Finance, Marketing and Strategy courses. My intention to break into financial/banking companies. Let's see how it goes.

Well, now I hope I will have sometime to post regularly. So watch out this space. Good luck to aspirants this year. Most of the school's first round deadline is approaching fast. I wish them the best of the luck in this journey.