Monday, October 13, 2008

Some more IIMA PGPX experience

I attended the high tea interaction later in the evening yesterday. It was a good discussion. Came to know a lot about PGPX. For some reason, all of the Professors were trashing PGP and its student, calling them immature and grade fanatics. One of the professor even went on to say that he did not teach PGP class for last 2 yrs and he is very happy about it and he called it a waste of time. The students waste his time to get one point increment which will not make any difference to grade.

PGPX students are matured and kind of know what they want and do not go crazy over grades (Well, what do you think - after 10 yrs in industry- who cares about grades). They have little ambigous grades non-disclosure policy. The adminstration does not reveal grades to recruiters but a student can volunteerily disclose the grade. Funny, doesn't it mean that high grade pointers will flaunt their grades whereas low grade pointers will not disclose. It might create an awkward situation.

The professors were very knowledgeable and down to earth. Amazing simplicity. This will be a key decision making point for me, if I get in, that is.

One thing though, the interviews were pretty ambiguous. I spoke to many people after interview and after the high-tea. No one had clue and it looked like these profs had not even completely read the application/essays. And it did not look like they are going to read. Not sure what will be their selection criteria finally. I hope they have some logic.

Still no news from ISB. They keep changing the date for announcing the shortlist for various places. They have their own weird reasons of releasing the shortlist based on interview location. Sound very funny, but anyway, thats Indian school. Sometimes they do things in certain way and you have to just go with it.

I am thinking of taking a break today and will start my haas app from tommorrow. I hope I will finish it by first round deadline.


Shashank Goyal said...
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Shashank Goyal said...

I thought, as a current PGPX student, I owe it to clarify the Grade Non Disclosure policy as mentioned in your post. Non Disclosure at PGPX is "complete". It means that neither institute nor students disclose grades to recruiters. This is to eliminate grades as a point of evaluation from placement process. It enhances the learning experience during the program so that students focus only on learning and not on marks.