Friday, December 12, 2008

Anderson Visit and Interview Experience

I visited campus on 11/24. Drove from bay area on 11/23.
I met with few current students at 11, met with Price Center staff. This was amazing. She gave me a great insights on entrepreneurship at Anderson, what they do, how to go about doing things.
Then at 1pm I did my class visit. It was not very interesting class, but professor was good. I do not mind getting taught by him. The class got over at 2:30pm and again I met with another student. Learned few more things. By this time my nerves were settled and I had a feeling that I belong there.
Interview started at 3:30pm and it was with Second year student. She was really friendly and we spoke for a while before we entered the interview room. The interview went really well. No tough question, no curve balls. Few questions:
1. Walk me through your resume
2. What were the challenges in Company X
3. Challenges in company Y.
4. How were the responsibilities in X and Y different
5. Why MBA, short term, long term goals
6. Why Anderson
7. What company after Graduation
8. Tell me about leadership role
9. Tell me how you work as team
10. Your strengths and weakness
11. Any question for me - asked couple of questions

Sorry, running out of time, so will have to stop here. It was nice talking to you. Then walked out of the room with her. And thats it!

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