Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stanford Submitted

Continuing my trend to work till last day and almost last moment, I finally submitted my Stanford application at 3:30pm (hour and half before the deadline). What a roller coaster ride it was. I remember a month back I took it off my list and here I am smiling after submitting my second app.
In the end, I am pretty happy with my essays and was able to make it exactly 1800 words.

Now, I have uphill task of finishing Haas app in next 5 days. It's not going to be easy, given that I still have no clue for the first short question - What will I do something differently.
Not sure what to write. I think I have content for other 5 essays.


hugo herdav said...

Congrats on your Stanford application! I had to move Stanford to R2 because I still haven't secured the "perfect" recommendation for it.

Here are some links with tips about this year's Berkeley essay questions:

Good luck!

Kalicrys said...

Congratz on finishing that app.
We share the common fate- let's see what we can get done in the next few days!