Sunday, August 3, 2008

Accomplishments and Goals

I spent this whole weekend contemplating and sitting in front of my laptop. Today, I prepared my first draft of my accomplishments and goal and why I need an MBA. And boy! It feels good. I was struggling with this for last couple of weeks. Though the draft is not a perfect version, I feel I put enough information to get me started and handle essays with specific questions.

Over the last week, I was reading a book by Swami Vivekananda on karma yoga. It really rejuvenated me. Inspite of regular practice of meditation, I was getting pretty tensed up with the app process, evaluating my chance at each and every moment. In this book, SV talks about the importance of doing work 100% and with sincerity without getting attached to the result. And how true is it, the moment I thought about it, all my tension and stress vanished. He was not saying anything new, but what a difference it makes by re-emphasizing and re-iterating the truth.

Anyway, coming back to my mba specific journey, the next target is to work on IIM-A essay. The essays are very generic and I hoping I can reuse quite a few material in my other essays. I have to start working on IIMA application and also on creating a one page resume. Oh boy! lot of work. I got my hands full for next week :)

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