Thursday, December 11, 2008

Texas MBA

I have been doing lot of research on Texas MBA, spoke to quite a few current students, met few alumni and attended one information session and I am really impressed with the program. Lot of great opportunities and the associate dean is pretty cool and seems like a great leader. He is pretty innovative and has introduced a new curriculum. I quite liked his ideas and he was very articulate in presenting his ideas.

So, while I wait for other calls, I am definitely applying to UT-Austin, McCombs School. I have been to Austin before and I loved that place. And all the alums, students rave about it as well. Moreover it's one of the few growing cities and one of the top entrepreneurial hub.
The faculty though did not get a good rating in Business Week, looks awesome. Lot of activities, extra-curricular and development opportunities. Students are very friendly and helpful.
Looks like my why McCombs essay is ready :)

Meanwhile, Haas and Stanford have not reciprocated my love yet. C'mon now, its high time. Show me you care! Let me change the world. I promise, I will not let you down and will definitely enrich the community.

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Soni said...

You spelled McCombs wrong on the right side ===>