Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am getting tensed

Most of my target schools have announced the application deadlines and released application essays. I have yet not started thinking about essays. Still trying to refine my goals and appropriate career path. Oh God! Give me some clarity :P

I am reading a lot of blogs of fellow mba applicants and other MBA students who are already in. Looks like everyone has done lot homework already, many of them have visited schools, spoke to current students, alumni, faculty and ad com member. And here I am, running late as usual.

Ideally, I should have got a good head start as I took GMAT last year in November, but with my procrastination here I am catching up with this MBA Game.
God give me strength to sail through this tiring and exhaustive process. So far I have done random searches, visited my target schools website. I am pretty happy with all my chosen schools by looking at their website and reading some of their students blogs. But yeah, still have to go through a major milestone of visiting schools and talking to students to really identify whether I fit and get some juice for my essays.

Another dilemma I find myself in is whether to hire a consultant or not. Ad com from various people say that they can identify the professional touch on the application and it is a clear put off for them. But looking at the amount of work needed and competition pool I am in (yeah!! I am MIT - Male Indian Techie), I am trying to find someone who can really help me sail through.

Will keep posted ( ha ha.. as if anyone is reading it)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mba dreams

I have been thinking about doing MBA since the time I was in my undergrad college. But looks like my dreams are going to be materialized this year.
Finally, this fall I am going to apply for the BSchools and as you guessed it, the dreaded applications are already giving me nightmares.

I am doing lot of introspection and trying to collect my thoughts to finalize my goal essay. I know I want to start up a company, but still struggling to clearly define my goals. The hows, whys, details, short term, mid term goals are creating all sort of problems.

But in a way, I am enjoying it as well. I never really sat down and thought so much about myself, my career. So at least after the whole process, I would definitely have more clearer goal for myself, might be much more well-read and self aware.

I am hoping to continue this blog and update it regularly. We shall see whether it will work