Saturday, November 1, 2008

ISB wants to talk to me

Finally, after a long wait, got an email from ISB and they want to interview me :)
However, unlike others, they gave me a very very short notice of 3 days.
Aah, another mini battle within this MBA battle. I wish it was after 4th nov. But anyways, I have to live with it.
Some will say, what will you have to prepare for ISB. Well, I think it's just the mind-set. Writing Haas essay, I am totally in Haas mode, but if I need to take ISB interview, I should show my passion for ISB as well :)

My Haas essays are coming along well. I am fine with the content of all my essays and they are not in bad state anymore. All are around 80-90% complete. Need to polish them to make it 100%. I finished writing about my supplemental questions as well. I think I will complete the online application today. I missed out on one critical and dear to heart community service stuff. Did not find appropriate space. I am right now in dilemma about using optional essay. I love UCLA and Stanford essays. They gave me lot of space to write about my passions, and my community service (my strength). Did not get that opportunity to discuss in Haas essays.

Anyways, all I have to do for next three days will be to polish the essay and prepare for ISB interview.

I think I am learning much needed time-management skills even before going to B-School.

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