Thursday, May 13, 2010

Started new job

I have started my new job and back to the corporate world. Though it is not one of my dream jobs, but I think it is satisfying several of my criteria. I joined last week and went through induction program with visit to various office, meeting with senior executives and MD and going through several presentations. It was quite informative and would definitely help me understand the business model etc.

I would be working in finance area and that has more or less made my MBA education fruitful. This will be my first job in core finance and I am really excited about it. I hope I would be able to take the pressure and perform to best of my abilities.

Looking back, One year at EPGP just flew by and I had really amazing time there. Though it had its own constraints about being first batch in IIMB, it was still a fruitful association. I was able to maintain my work-life or rather study-life balance after the hell of the first term. The course work was informative and eye-opener. Most of the Faculty was really top class. Culture at IIMB is sporty and enthusiastic. I had fun with several events and made very good friends for life.

One area of improvement I would think is towards branding and creating awareness. Still many companies are not aware of the program. The institute as such lack enthusiasm on that part. Students hold the forte in the institute, but being the one year program, the work load is immense and it is hard to focus on those activities dedicatedly.

I got a chance to interact with several students of the next batch and found them wonderful. I am sure they will be able to carry it forward with more enthusiasm. My prediction is in few years time (perhaps next 5-6 yrs), this is going to be the key program in IIMB or for that matter, the one year MBA would be the way to go.

Anyways, my plans are to do well in the new job. It is totally new industry and function for me. So yes, one year program did give me chance to change both my industry and function. Now it is up to me to take it forward and build my career on this platform. Next few months will definitely be very challenging and I hope to survive with determination. Wish me luck :-)