Thursday, September 25, 2008

UCLA Essays

Today I completed draft of 3 essays. Still do not know which one of the 4th essay choice I want to speak on. I am leaning towards either a, but b is equally tempting, but I think I have addressed b in my other essays.
Now I need to gather my thoughts on entrepreneurship. And find out a way to do a audio recording. Any ideas for efficient and productive way to do the recording and create wav file?

Still haven't started preparing for IIMA interview. The world is getting crazier. My 2nd recommendor is very busy and wants me to create outline for the reco. This sucks! Already have so much work and I am playing a catching up game and here is another task :)

I sometimes wonder, I should use some essay writer! (anyone listening?) I will provide the content and they write it and polish it for me :) After all, this is another managerial skill to get the work done. Anyway, before anyone start bashing me up and call it unethical, I was trying to lighten the atmosphere and playing it silly to de-stress from the burden of doing so many things.

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