Sunday, August 10, 2008

IIMA application submitted

I submitted my first application of this application season. The application interface is pretty bad and I wonder if this the best IIM A can do. Why don't they outsource is to some other agency such as Apply yourself.
Another thing I did not like was it only works on IE. grrrhh.. I am a big fan of firefox and with firefox 3.0, I do not even want to look at IE. But they left me no choice! So much to sacrifice for this application season. :)

Also, there were few confusing things and no proper instructions. What do we fill in asset under management or annual turnover. Well I had difficulty in identifying the turn over since my company was never publicly listed and later it was acquired by another company. Though our HR is from bigger company, our payroll still runs with the smaller company. Anyway, just put the estimated amount.

With one thing off my head, and this helped me creating my one page resume as well. So worth the effort. Now I am going to start working on the essays (yeah, I am optimistic for getting shortlisted). Also need to start working on ISB essays. I am not getting thoughts for the case essays. Any ideas?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

career goal template

Found a great blog for template to write the career goal
check this

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Accomplishments and Goals

I spent this whole weekend contemplating and sitting in front of my laptop. Today, I prepared my first draft of my accomplishments and goal and why I need an MBA. And boy! It feels good. I was struggling with this for last couple of weeks. Though the draft is not a perfect version, I feel I put enough information to get me started and handle essays with specific questions.

Over the last week, I was reading a book by Swami Vivekananda on karma yoga. It really rejuvenated me. Inspite of regular practice of meditation, I was getting pretty tensed up with the app process, evaluating my chance at each and every moment. In this book, SV talks about the importance of doing work 100% and with sincerity without getting attached to the result. And how true is it, the moment I thought about it, all my tension and stress vanished. He was not saying anything new, but what a difference it makes by re-emphasizing and re-iterating the truth.

Anyway, coming back to my mba specific journey, the next target is to work on IIM-A essay. The essays are very generic and I hoping I can reuse quite a few material in my other essays. I have to start working on IIMA application and also on creating a one page resume. Oh boy! lot of work. I got my hands full for next week :)