Monday, October 27, 2008


Aah!!! I have my first 3 essay ready little over word limit. 1st has turned out really well - over limit by 15 words
2nd one is not too bad- very specific goals, and how stanford will help - over limit by 15-20 words.
3rd one is effective leader essay and looks really good - but overlimit by 40 words
4th one the challenge faced, and I am writing about challenge in job. Like my job, this essay sucks currently.. after tremendous effort, I could develop a structure. Now need to polish the content - currently 80 words over limit.
Not yet finished online app. Will work on it now!! Hmm.. 2 days to go. Good thing, two of my recommendations are in. The third will submit soon.

Haas essays have suffered because of that. I hope I make it first round deadline.

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