Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time running away?

I think I have spent too much time writing ISB and IIMA essays that I am not able to start my other applications.
With time running so fast, I better get started. I pledge to start my UCLA app today.

I have written few points on UCLA first essay few days back, but not sure how much should I add and what should I cover in this.

In the meantime, met one UCLA student in bay area. A very nice person to talk to. An entrepreneur before joining Anderson, now wants to take it easy and do product management in big corporation with slow life. As per him, advantage is - the big corporations move so slowly that if you are even a tad fast, you are appreciated and since he has seen it all being in fast paced entrepreneurial environment, he is enjoying the accolades by working 70% his capacity.

Regarding MBA tour - I attended 7 schools presentation and though I like the first schools presentation, eventually I realized they talk same things. Marshall, Texas, Haas, Yale SOM, all talk about how collaborative culture they have due to small class size, accessible faculty and staff and the usual support for different kind of centers and clubs.
Interesting, Wharton also talk about same things and said, even though their class size is big - they are very collaborative contrary to popular belief that they have cut-throat culture.

I wonder,why school asks everyone to stand out, when they cannot stand out themselves. Every one had same pitch, same suggestions, same selling point. What is the unique selling point? Anyone?

I met Thunderbird school representative in MBA fair, and learned a interesting thing- they have a hospitality weekend on Nov 7th and all you have to do is show up, they take care of your lodging and food. I was quite amused and do not know any other school doing that. So if anyone interested in Thunderbird, go for it. It is number one in International Business and located in warm Arizona. I love Arizona :)

Anyway, have to get back to the apps - I plan to put together outlines for all the schools I am planning to apply in first round by this weekend - ucla, haas, stanford. Aaah.. what matters to me most and why!!!

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