Monday, September 22, 2008

Haas Class Visit

I visited Econ class today. It was amazing. The professor was amazing and he explained about pricing strategy and how the demand-supply curve looks like.

The students were pleasant, however, looked little stress due to mid-term exam in the evening. There was not too much class participation. Perhaps, I should attend some case-based class to get a hang of how students interact in the class.

But overall, after attending the class, my desire for an MBA has increased. I have so much to learn.

I read an excellent blog by optimistic. Although he just has 5 entries, but they are very inspiring. I really feel the same what he has gone through: Career getting pigeon-holed and hunger to study and expand the skill set.

On my other apps, created draft for first 2 essays of UCLA. Really need to ramp-up my app process.

Haven't started preparing for IIMA interview. Heard from couple of interview experiences in Ahmedabad that ad-com are not asking to present. I wish, I also get that option :)

I have heard people started getting interview invites from columbia. Good luck folks.

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