Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Haas Submitted

Continuing with my trend of submitting application on the deadline day, I submitted Haas on Nov 4th. I am happy with my application overall, except the first question - what would I change. I think it is little weak as my other reviewers also pointed out. But my other essays are very strong, so I hope it will compensate.

I think this is the most essays I have written for one application. 4 short questions, 2 long, 2 optional. Phew - 8 essays! Haas really want you to work hard on the application to show your interest. Anyways, I am glad I am done and able to pull off both Stanford and Haas.

What next !!!

I am thinking of looking at UT-Austin and ASU -- hmm why suddenly ASU - well, I want to have some safe schools in my list, and they are offering me quick turn around, app fee waiver, I liked ASU (I went there for my grad school) and it is still in top 25 schools.

I am thinking of taking off USC from my list - they are really insistent on TOEFL. No other school wants me to take TOEFL, if I have Graduate degree from US. I do not understand their policy. And I am in no mood to take another exam at this point of time!


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