Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terror Attacks in Mumbai

This was one of the most ridiculous attacks that happened in India. There have been so many attacks before but this was outrageous. It was such a heinous act, cold blooded shoot out, killing hundred people, injuring a thousand and terrorizing a billion.
What is going on? Terror everywhere, economy doomed, no trust, no faith among people. Where is this world going?
Why is our country not able to handle these people? How can these terrorist just go about doing things as they want? Doing bomb blast as if lighting fire crackers. Going anywhere and open fire, putting hand grenade, taking hostages. What has happened to security, what is our government doing?

I am deeply hurt. I am utterly shocked. I am feeling so helpless. I really feel for people who suffered.

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Anonymous said...

Helpless, sad, and very angry.