Thursday, December 18, 2008

Excitement all around

This was pretty exciting week in the blogosphere. So many people got admit notice from their choice schools. Many Duke, Tuck, Wharton, Kellogg, Chicago admit floating around. Congratulations to all of them. And I really feel for sufferers of Kellogg mishap. It was really unfortunate. I keep checking Clear Admit blog and so often get to read about exciting news from someone.

I wish I could be part of this excitement. But my first choice schools are not going to come up with their result until January. So wait continues for me. On the hindsight, I should have applied to some of these schools which declare results earlier and faster. Much of the burden is taken off your shoulder. Anyways, I hope my app journey finishes soon and I do not have to go through this again. I really do not have any stamina to redo this next year. In fact, I am having hard time even starting my R2 apps. Wharton is not far away and I have not even started. McCombs is also going slow, but at least I have started.

Anyways, congrats again to all who got-in and good luck for future.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rate my life

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Anderson Visit and Interview Experience

I visited campus on 11/24. Drove from bay area on 11/23.
I met with few current students at 11, met with Price Center staff. This was amazing. She gave me a great insights on entrepreneurship at Anderson, what they do, how to go about doing things.
Then at 1pm I did my class visit. It was not very interesting class, but professor was good. I do not mind getting taught by him. The class got over at 2:30pm and again I met with another student. Learned few more things. By this time my nerves were settled and I had a feeling that I belong there.
Interview started at 3:30pm and it was with Second year student. She was really friendly and we spoke for a while before we entered the interview room. The interview went really well. No tough question, no curve balls. Few questions:
1. Walk me through your resume
2. What were the challenges in Company X
3. Challenges in company Y.
4. How were the responsibilities in X and Y different
5. Why MBA, short term, long term goals
6. Why Anderson
7. What company after Graduation
8. Tell me about leadership role
9. Tell me how you work as team
10. Your strengths and weakness
11. Any question for me - asked couple of questions

Sorry, running out of time, so will have to stop here. It was nice talking to you. Then walked out of the room with her. And thats it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Texas MBA

I have been doing lot of research on Texas MBA, spoke to quite a few current students, met few alumni and attended one information session and I am really impressed with the program. Lot of great opportunities and the associate dean is pretty cool and seems like a great leader. He is pretty innovative and has introduced a new curriculum. I quite liked his ideas and he was very articulate in presenting his ideas.

So, while I wait for other calls, I am definitely applying to UT-Austin, McCombs School. I have been to Austin before and I loved that place. And all the alums, students rave about it as well. Moreover it's one of the few growing cities and one of the top entrepreneurial hub.
The faculty though did not get a good rating in Business Week, looks awesome. Lot of activities, extra-curricular and development opportunities. Students are very friendly and helpful.
Looks like my why McCombs essay is ready :)

Meanwhile, Haas and Stanford have not reciprocated my love yet. C'mon now, its high time. Show me you care! Let me change the world. I promise, I will not let you down and will definitely enrich the community.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Haas is going to send interview invites starting today!
Finger crossed!!! Now the real wait begin.

Still no invite from Stanford.. huuh!!

All the best to fellow applicants