Sunday, October 12, 2008

IIMA PGPX interview done!

I had my interview today. Overall, I will say, it went ok. I will not say it went great, since I did not start off well.
They did not ask me to present, but gave me a case - some retail guy did not do well in the clothing and now is blamed for things. what will he do.
After that they spoke about my extra curricular, my job, my industry, my goal, indian economy.
Other than the initial case question - which I did not do great, and got stuck with one of the extra-curricular question, I did ok. But not sure, how they have perceived it. I will know it by Oct 31st.

The interview committee was very friendly looking, no stress interview or trying to stress me out. I smiled a lot and laughed at certain places as well.

I just came back to my hotel room to relax, but will go back there for evening high tea. On second thoughts, I am thinking I should have left tonight itself, as not many people are staying back for tea. I would have got some rest and start working on other apps. Will take a break on Monday and start from Tuesday.


Santosh said...

what did u answer to the case study? I was given the same case. I assume no one else after me would have got that question because instinctively I scribbled my thoughts on the sheet before speaking from them thus rendering the paper useless for future use :-)

Ramesh said...

Hi - Did you get an offer from IIMA for the PGPX interview.

I have received an offer and I will like to get in touch with people who have an offer for the 2009-10 program.

I am based in Gurgaon. My email address is and my mobile number is 9971983480.