Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stanford back in R1 and Haas essays

I love Stanford too much to leave out for Round 2. After taking a break for a day on monday, I gave a closer look at Haas essays yesterday and Stanford essays today. I have been thinking about first essay for a while and when I looked at other essays, I realized I can use most of the content of UCLA and IIMA essays. That is thrilling to know. I will have to tailor to the Stanford questions, and have to cut down lot of things to adhere to strict word limit, but looks like it is doable.
The challenge will be to cut down the content, since I think, my UCLA essays were pretty concise and crisp and really do not know what can I cut down.
I got so excited, that I have my first draft of Stanford essays ready. :) Should I take some consultants help to expedite my editing and polishing? Not sure, whether they give a quick turnaround time.

Also, Haas essays - some can be reused, but it will be much more challenging. I have leadership essay ready, career goal essay almost ready, with haas specific info to be fit in.
The short questions are much more challenging - I do not know what I would like to change that I have done and would do it differently.
Innovation essay - have some idea, but not sure how it will develop
Achievement essay - can use IIMA one - though need to cut down to 250 words
Haas research essay - done quite a bit research, visited campus, attended class, spoke to current students, alumni's, read blogs. But have to put together my learning and insights from them. Which is difficult, since most of the students and alumni pretty much say the same thing. And I am little less articulate in defining culture of a school. Most of the places I am applying satisfies my criteria of great education, entrepreneurial support, brand name, network, small class size and california location, silicon valley connections. Now what to say in that essay.

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