Monday, July 28, 2008

Mba dreams

I have been thinking about doing MBA since the time I was in my undergrad college. But looks like my dreams are going to be materialized this year.
Finally, this fall I am going to apply for the BSchools and as you guessed it, the dreaded applications are already giving me nightmares.

I am doing lot of introspection and trying to collect my thoughts to finalize my goal essay. I know I want to start up a company, but still struggling to clearly define my goals. The hows, whys, details, short term, mid term goals are creating all sort of problems.

But in a way, I am enjoying it as well. I never really sat down and thought so much about myself, my career. So at least after the whole process, I would definitely have more clearer goal for myself, might be much more well-read and self aware.

I am hoping to continue this blog and update it regularly. We shall see whether it will work

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