Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visited Haas

I visited haas on friday. Had a wonderful time. I had lunch with students and attended an information session. Everything was organized by student ambassadors and even information session was given by student ambassador with ad com member dropping by in last 10 min.

Overall, no special information, just the usual stuff about their culture and curriculum.

I am going to visit again on monday and attending one class. Will write more about it after I attend.

In the meantime, I tried to look for schedule of Stanford class visit and to my dismay, they are all full till the first round deadline. This is totally ridiculous. How can the class visit be so full even before it actually started. I got to register for monday's class in Haas on thursday. And here in Stanford, the first available class is Nov 6th or may be later. Why such demand? or do they just have very few spots open? Even lunch with current student is full. Whats up with people. I am not sure what is behind it, but looks like I might not be able to attend class inspite of being local before submitting my application in first round.

Meanwhile, got another setback and talked with few people and they questioned by long term goals and classified my short-term goals of being a product manager as too easy, and said I do not need an MBA to become a product manager. However, I have so many friends who became product manager after MBA and find it logical choice to a path to start a company.


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