Monday, March 2, 2009

Terror attacks in Pakistan

Every time there is any terror attack in Pakistan, all the cricketers and politicians gave assurance that everyone loves cricket and cricketers and they will never be affected or attacked.

And this time, they have gone out to prove them wrong and opened fire on Sri Lankan Cricket team. In this sad event, 8 of the Sri Lankan players are injured. Fortunately none of them is serious. This is going to impact future of Pakistan cricket. Already most of the cricket playing nations refused to tour Pakistan. Only team from sub-continent were open to tour. After Mumbai terror attacks, India canceled its tour, and now this attack is final nail in the coffin. Immediate affect is SL canceling this tour and I do not think they are going to come again at least for few years. It might also result in formal boycott of Pakistan visit by ICC. Pakistan cricket is already in shambles, this will just make it die.

This also reflects poorly on Pakistan government handling of terrorism. They have received billions of dollars from US to combat terrorism, but have not done anything yet. This time it has come to bite them at their own house.

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