Tuesday, March 10, 2009


After giving lot of thoughts and pondering over for several weeks and taking in stock the current economic situation, I have decided that I am going to join IIMB for EPGP.

I have spoken to many students, and browsed through profiles of several alumni, and I think ASU does not excite me. Although, I would have definitely gone if I did not have any other offer. Anyways, most of the internationals at ASU have only 3-4 years of experience and just want to go anywhere the school takes it. And in the end, Supply Chain does not excite me, and there is not point of doing anything else at ASU, especially as an international student.

I am quite inclined towards finance, but with this economic scenario, I might be leaning towards marketing. And with the news of BoA rescinding offers from international students, I am guessing other banks and financial institutions will follow suit. I am not very positive of job opportunities for international students after 2 yrs of MBA, especially, if you are not doing it from one of the top 5 Schools or perhaps from top 10.

Although, the job scene at Indian schools is not that rosy either. I am hearing news that IIMA grads are struggling for jobs and especially those seeking to go in finance and banking, are taking jobs in PSU - nationalized banks etc. Woow, that will be some experience. Working in nationalized banks and adjusting to slow and lethargic lifestyle. Perhaps, IIM grads will change the culture and bring much needed sense of responsibility and dynamic culture in Indian banks.

But, still India offers a much more sense of security and better prospects. IIM Bangalore is not a bad place to be. The professors are committed and the batch is pretty dynamic. Though the facilities they are providing are not up to the mark, but given that it is the first year, they are doing it appreciatively well.

So, IIMB it is for me and I am getting ready to pack my bags. Lot of work. I hope I will manage in next 2-3 weeks.


missionmba said...

"IIM Bangalore is not a bad place to be."
Now, that's the understatement of the decade!!
IIM-B is an excellent place to be.. And in case you have long term plans in India, you can never go wrong with the IIM-tag!!

Gud luck!!

ahembeea said...

One can never go wrong with an IIM. Keep sharing your journey at IIMB!

Anonymous said...

He is talking about joining the EPGP at IIMB which is not the same as joining the PGP at IIMB. The EPGP is easy to get into and has all the oldies with atleast a decade of lousy experience that got them nowhere! So they join EPGP hoping to get a better job but they are unlikely to even get a job at the end of the EPGP.

Anonymous said...

Oh really!! So you think experience is of no use and its lousy. You are right my friend :)