Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snapshots from hell - and admitted student weekend

Well, I finished reading Snapshots from Hell. A very well written book to give an idea about what to expect in Business School. Although Peter exaggerated a few things, since it or may be it is true for non-quantitative background people to face hard time. But overall, gives a good picture and sets the expectation right. I have now started reading World is Flat. Have read around 10 pages and looks really interesting. I have also got Liar's Poker - a book on wall street life. Looks interesting as well.

On MBA front, ASU has invited me for Admitted student weekend. And good thing is, they will pay for air fare, food and lodging. Woow!! That's some treatment!!
I am still not sure whether I will go. I have yet not decided, but I spoke to few people and I am leaning towards IIM Bangalore. In the long term, I think IIMB will be a better option. Moreover, ASU's strength is Supply Chain, which I am not sure of going into. I haven't got a chance to speak to alumni yet, but would be doing it this weekend. Need to find out kind of job they do and what kind of recruitment happens. I looked at few alumni profile, who graduated recently and they are working as Business Analyst, which is not exciting me at all. Business Analyst after MBA!!! Is it the right title? Any ideas?

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ahembeea said...

Even if you're leaning towards IIMB, probably attending the admit weekend won't be a bad idea, given that you just need to make yourself present.