Friday, March 6, 2009

Wharton Interview Experience

So, I was invited to Wharton a day before its final mid-decision deadline. To my horror, there were no on-campus interview slots available. I called the office, and found out that they can create a slot for me, but that will be mid-term time and so you cannot sit in class etc. So I decided to go with Hub interview in SF. After some hiccups in that too, I finally got a slot.
I reached 20 min before time, but they were running late. Till 5 min after my interview was suppose to start, the previous person was interviewing. Finally, we started around 20 min late.
Interview started with the introduction, and her apology for being late. She seemed to be very friendly person and I was at ease immediately. She explained me the process and that the interview is blind etc etc. And then we started with usual question. No curve ball.
1. Walk me through your resume
2. What after MBA - I mentioned my long term and short term goals
3. Why MBA - done
4. Why Now - Faltered a bit
5. Why Wharton - Spoke a lot
6. How will you contribute to Wharton - this gave me enough opportunity share my so many community service work. She was happy to hear that - or at least pretended to be happy
7. Teamwork example
8. Leadership style and example
9. In your past review, what area of improvements were suggested
10. Anything else you want ad com to know? - I covered most of the things, but still talked about interesting community service activity we are doing.
11. Any questions - I asked couple of questions

Overall, very satisfactory, and similar to Kellogg, I was able to talk about everything I did. Though, I think I could have answered Why Now a little better, as I had prepared for that questions but still faltered there. Anyways, lets see what happens. I really loved the experience and as many say, would love to go to this school :)

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