Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not much to do

With application season over, there is a different feeling of emptiness. A month or so back, I was so busy as hell. And now, it feels like there is nothing to do. Although, I have lot on my plate as to move back to india etc, but still there is no mental pressure and no stressful situation which I got used to.

I am really having a enjoyable time. It feels good to be free. I am thinking of speaking to few people to find out about some pre-reading that I should do before heading off to Bangalore. One year course is going to be very busy and it will be good to have some prior understanding of the courses I am going to take. Any suggestion? I do not have any theoretical knowledge of accounting, marketing, finance etc. Please suggest me some books - curricular or other which will help me prepare for my upcoming journey


Choc Heaven said...

not suggesting any curricular books.. since this isthe free time, read leisurely.. i recommend try reading some fiction / other books you've been meaning to read since a long time!

Omne said...

Enjoy the free time! Once all the apps and interviews are done, there is a sense of emptiness, but also one of accomplishment. Enjoy yourself!

JulyDream said...

You've worked hard and deserve a break. Most schools will assign the reading they think you need. Until then, relax!