Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have started reading again after a long time. I read John Grisham's - A Time to Kill. Not too exciting and was kinda slow, but got me in mode of reading. I got two more books now - Snapshots from Hell and World is Flat. Looking forward to read them soon.

IIMB has sent the reading material for quantitative analysis. Will get to it after this week. So far, the group is active and we are working on various branding strategies, placement strategies, seminars, electives etc. Moreover, the guys have struck a good deal with SBI to secure loan at 10.75% without collatoral. A commendable job indeed.

I have fixed my departure date, tentatively at 20th March. Will probably get accomodation only around 30th or 31st. The orientation starts 2nd April. Woow!! Finally its all happening. I am really looking forward to it.

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Choc Heaven said...

john grisham has some excellent books.. would definitely recommend seeing the movie version of a time to kill, excellent movie!