Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am NOT IN!! As I was expecting, Stanford has sent me the ding letter. And with this my dream of going to Stanford has ended. ouuch, it hurts!
I did feel little bad as any rejection gives bad feeling. But it was expected, so no shock, as I got when I was denied by UCLA.

Things are moving slowly. I have sent my deposit to IIM Bangalore. I am trying to plan things out to make a move to India and wrap things up in 2 months. At this point it looks pretty challenging. Good thing is I do not have too many liabilities here. So just have to sell off the minimal stuff I have collected. Have to start looking for job opportunities for my wife as well.

On the other hand, I am very happy with IIM Bangalore group. Very active and making things happen. The professors are cooperative and the administrative staff is cordial and helpful. I am already getting good vibes. The challenge will be definitely that it is the first year of this program. But I hope they have learnt from other IIM's in running one year program.

All the best to people who got into Harvard and Stanford.

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Dagny said...

IIM Bangalore is a dream destination for many. I am sure you will love the place and culture here.

Welcome To India. :)