Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hurray!! Accepted at IIMB

As the title says, I am accepted to IIMB - EPGP. I am very very happy. Although this is the first year of IIMB's one year program, I am very positive it is going to be great.

I was not sure about how it happened. I applied to IIMB by writing a sop in 3 hours. They invited almost everyone to interview. Interview happened at 1am PST and went on for only 10 min with questions on my job, my SOP, my short term and long term goal and why not 2 yrs MBA from US school or 2 yr MBA from IIM through CAT.

This is the quickest turn around I have seen. I am very happy.
After UCLA ding, I almost lost hope. And completely surrendered my desires.

Well, now it is clear, I will be out of my job for sure and would be doing an MBA. Time will tell where.

Thanks to all those who encouraged me in this journey.


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Anonymous said...

Hurray!! Happy Libran is happy again!! :-)

Congrats!! Have a party!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats. Was reading your journey through your blog.... Party time indeed. :)

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Happy Libran said...

Thank you all.

ahembeea said...

Hey congrats! Dunno how I missed this piece of great news!! Enjoy the relief, it took its time coming to you! It does put you and me on quite the same boat, lets see how it goes from here. Good luck and you've made another Libran(me!) very happy too :-)

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Can you please share your profile when you had applied for IIMB at that time? And also what was your gmat/cat score?
And what about your placement after your 1 year course?