Thursday, May 14, 2009

End of Term 1

It's been a while since I posted. As you can understand, I was extremely busy with the Term 1. Getting used to so much reading and studying, giving quizzes every week, and submitting final projects and taking up final exams. Too many things to handle and got too hot to handle. But I survived, and did well in the courses. Though the grades are not out yet, but I am satisfied with my learning and overall knowledge.

The term started lightly, with two holidays in first week, but compensated by two quizzes in the same week. Slowly it picked up, and we were running out of time for every thing, and everyone wished we had more time. By the time, final week came, we had 5 final project submission, a few presentations, and 5 final exams to take. Somehow, I managed all this madness.

We had term ending party, organized by EPGP office on May 11th and it was great.

In midst of exams, quizzes, case discussions, we had variety of activities. The highlight of the program is it's unique seminar series. Every week or so, we invite an eminent speaker to talk about managerial, non-managerial, change management issues. This week we had honor of having Mr Sudhir Kumar - the man behind the transformation of Indian Railways. I had an amazing time listening to him and having a post-talk discussion. You can find more details in our official blog

Overall, its been a amazing experience so far. I did not get time to crib about adjusting to new life in India. There are few things that you have to adjust, but those things look so minuscule in front of work-load we had that I never got time to think about them. It's been rightly said by my guru - sri sri ravishankar - if you have to worry, worry big. All small worries just disappear!!

On a different note, I was quite disconnected with blogging world. I realized best of blogging results were out. Congrats to all those selected by clear admit best of blogging. All of them really deserved it and have maintained an amazing blog.

I hope the application season is over for most of the blogging fraternity of this year. Some of them might be still awaiting result for their waitlist, but I am sure most of them have decided where they are going and busy preparing for their new journey. One advice to them (I started early.. so can give some advice now) - Enjoy as much as possible and relax as much as possible. Spend time with your family and friends. I realize this after coming here- you do not get time to talk to anyone after you start the program - not atleast for few months.

My second term has already started. So far, it is not turning out to be as bad as the first one. Partly because, I am used to it, and party because there are fewer exams/quizzes this term.

That's all from me for now.

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